Friday, February 20, 2009

February Projects

I did not accomplish as much crafting as I'd originally hoped. I crocheted a pink heart for the front door as a Valentine's Day decoration. Then crocheted and felted a pair of wool slippers for a Valentine's Day gift. I also crocheted what I thought was going to be a wool rug which I then felted. Because I was choosing all yarn from my stash I used some skeins that had lost their labels. Two of the four skeins were not wool so after the rug was washed, those sections remained unfelted. The look wasn't that bad, however, except for the fact that the rug shrank too much in width so instead of a rug I was left with more of a table runner. A very definite mistake! After inspecting it I had the idea of cutting it in half and sewing those two sections together.

My dear friend who drove me to my divorce mediation yesterday received a long novelty yarn scarf in shades of blue. I had to give her something for her love and care. I had her meet me at the local yarn store earlier in the week to pick out her yarn.

I have not yet completed the cotton table cover I started working on earlier in the month. It is more than halfway done. I should try to make an effort to finish it tomorrow while watching t.v. in the evening if I don't go out.

The slippers were a big hit. They were absolutely huge before being felted and I had some doubts that they would not shrink enough. But all worked out very well. My friend reported that his son was wearing the slippers while in the basement using the computer. Their basement is cold and I was told the slippers do the job of keeping feet warm and toasty! My girl friend was also thrilled with her scarf and planned to wear it to work today. So I do feel good knowing that what I give is appreciated and used.

I have had the desire to knit something completely frivolous. One consideration is a stuffed animal or a farmyard complete with animals and buildings. The latter is what interests me the most. Or perhaps a collection of animals I could group together for a quirky display. It would be fun to create something totally unnecessary just for the joy of the craft. I thought that the farmyard scene would look neat on the kitchen table.

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