Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Finished Projects

The fireplace mantle scarf has been completed, as well as two scarves and the mittens for my window display. I am currently at work on a cotton throw in a soft shade of rose that I plan to use as a table cover for a small vintage three-drawer chest in the living room.

I am greatly looking forward to the start of a new month and with it new projects to inspire me. I hope to crochet some bright and cheerful hearts and to actually make myself a sweater (I started one a few months ago and got just one sleeve completed). It would be so nice to actually finish it in time for Valentine's Day as the yarn is a very pretty dark pink. I usually make gifts for other people so it would be a newer experience to make myself a gift for a change! We'll see.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Knititng evey day!

I think it is important to try and find at least a little time to devote to this craft daily. Sometimes life doesn't cooperate but I know that I feel more grounded and centered when I make the time for stitching.

I had to go to a sporting event tonight at the high school and the fireplace mantle scarf was too big to carry with me. I spent far too much time looking for the supplies to take a smaller project with me, eventually coming up with some size 13 needles and ribbon yarn for a new scarf. I need to always have a project on the ready to take with me in the future.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Using Up My Stash

I think that for many knitters and crocheters because of the economy there is a need and desire to use up more of our yarn stashes this year. So I am planning to make things based on whatever yarn I have available. With that in mind I started on a new project last night. Something I have wanted to do for some time - a long runner to cover the fireplace mantle in my living room. I have lots of nicely colored worsted-weight cotton yarn and selected a Lily Sugar 'n Cream brand variegated print in tones of cream, sage and rose (my favorite combination of colors and they match the color scheme of the room). Because I am stressed out about the mediation for my upcoming divorce (it was canceled for Tue. 1/13 because of the weather and will be rescheduled for Feb.), I wanted to chose a mindless, soothing pattern to comfort and distract me. I chained 22 stitches and am working repeating rows of double crochet and single crochet on a size F hook. The pattern is working up very quickly and I will finish it with some kind of lacy edging in the front which is what will be seen when looking at the fireplace.

The fact that it is possible we may not be living in our house in the future does not escape me. I am still intent on creating this project. It is working up very quickly and I'll have plenty of time to devote to it today. Another snow storm has hit and I canceled the appointment I had at the job counseling agency I am working with because the roads are too icy and slippery. If something happens to my van we will be out of transportation - so I can't risk taking unnecessary trips in inclement weather.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year, New Projects, New Inspiration

Because knitting is my passion, I thought it would be fun to have another blog highlighting my current projects. This will be my non-serious blog; no long comments about grief and loss. For me, knitting is a kind of therapy, as well as serving as my way of meditating. And although I am currently seeing a grief counselor once a week, I think that I would need to see one twice a week if I didn't have my love of knitting to see me through the long days between counseling sessions!

I am currently at work on crocheting nine mittens (seven are done) which I plan to hang from the nine window panes of our side door. This will kind of be a tribute to winter - a seasonal display. I have already decided to make nine hearts for the month of February. Today I also finished knitting a keyhole scarf in a wonderfully soft and colorful yarn - "Simply Soft" yarn by Caron in Embroidery Print. This yarn is inexpensive and can easily be found at the chain craft stores. I am not a yarn snob and have no problem using basic acrylic yarn for my projects, especially those that I make to decorate the house.

I spent the fall months making two afghans, three pillows, three scarves, a leaf wreath, a towel, dishcloths, bathmat, table runner and a cute crocheted frog which were all gifts. Then for Christmas I made six crocheted ski bands and a scarf as gifts. So for the new year I decided to spend some time making a few things for myself. The scarf is something I wanted to make because the colors are so bright and uplifting - perfect for these gloomy, grey days. And I thought that a soft scarf hugging my neck would be a fitting gesture of care toward me!

I will post photos of my projects soon.