Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year, New Projects, New Inspiration

Because knitting is my passion, I thought it would be fun to have another blog highlighting my current projects. This will be my non-serious blog; no long comments about grief and loss. For me, knitting is a kind of therapy, as well as serving as my way of meditating. And although I am currently seeing a grief counselor once a week, I think that I would need to see one twice a week if I didn't have my love of knitting to see me through the long days between counseling sessions!

I am currently at work on crocheting nine mittens (seven are done) which I plan to hang from the nine window panes of our side door. This will kind of be a tribute to winter - a seasonal display. I have already decided to make nine hearts for the month of February. Today I also finished knitting a keyhole scarf in a wonderfully soft and colorful yarn - "Simply Soft" yarn by Caron in Embroidery Print. This yarn is inexpensive and can easily be found at the chain craft stores. I am not a yarn snob and have no problem using basic acrylic yarn for my projects, especially those that I make to decorate the house.

I spent the fall months making two afghans, three pillows, three scarves, a leaf wreath, a towel, dishcloths, bathmat, table runner and a cute crocheted frog which were all gifts. Then for Christmas I made six crocheted ski bands and a scarf as gifts. So for the new year I decided to spend some time making a few things for myself. The scarf is something I wanted to make because the colors are so bright and uplifting - perfect for these gloomy, grey days. And I thought that a soft scarf hugging my neck would be a fitting gesture of care toward me!

I will post photos of my projects soon.

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